Who is Asureti?

July 1, 2021

Data protection. Experts.

We know the importance of information assets to your business and we’ve tackled the challenges in both protecting and leveraging those assets for positive business outcomes.   Asureti brings that experience, knowledge, and problem-solving passion to your organization. 

Many will be surprised our mission, passion, and purpose statement does not include specific technologies, or the increasingly common industry jargon ‘security’, ‘compliance’, or ‘privacy’.  While our experienced team is greatly familiar with those functions and services, we have purposely created a statement filled with more meaningful action verbs such as "solving," "protecting," "leveraging," and "tackling."

As a team we talk about using our comprehensive security, IT, audit, privacy, compliance technical, industry, and related "powers" for good, whether that is…

  • streamlining compliance operations across functions.
  • easing the process for meeting regulatory obligations and reporting.
  • designing and implementing a new certification or attestation program with specific intent to enable a client’s new product launch.
  • securing a new system in the cloud.
  • assessing cross-border obligations associated with global market expansions.
  • advocating alongside our clients in regulatory or other audits.
  • resolving framework obligation complexity into a manageable and actionable plan.

…so our clients, too, can develop and embrace their own action-verb-loaded mission, passion, and purpose statements! 

Think of us as your data protection superheroes–connecting to your business, aligning with your objectives, advocating on your behalf, and partnering with you for success.

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Ready to make molehills out of mountains? So are we. Let us simplify management, cybersecurity, and compliance so you can stay focused on what matters most: your business.

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