Services Overview

Managed Assurance services are structured to provide strategic value to your organization with the key objective of aligning security, risk management, compliance and privacy functions with business operations in an effective, efficient and cost-predictable manner.

  • Information Protected

    Information is one of an organization’s most critical assets – our integrated approach focuses on identifying and protecting critical data wherever it is created, stored, processed and shared. This method creates a unique and sustainable baseline that can drive an informed and risk-based approach to applying people, process and technology effectively to protect information in a manner consistent with the threat.

  • Risk Managed

    Through Managed Assurance programs, management maintains keen awareness of key risks within the organization in an effective partnering manner with an eye to cost-effective risk management. This process is vital in ensuring the organization’s leaders can efficiently manage key risks and appropriately align their time focused on key business objectives and client needs.

  • Performance Managed

    Asureti’s Managed Assurance program and integrated approach enhances end-to-end business operations by creating a solution that reduces the friction of required operational components of security and compliance, allowing you to focus on services and strategies most significant to your business success. This includes direct support for revenue sustainment and growth as well as reduced insurance costs based on established governance and data protection programs.

  • Decisions Informed

    Leveraging a thorough understanding of the organization’s requirements, current state and recommended actions, management can confidently direct resources and efforts to the most impactful needs—be they process changes, technology enhancements or ongoing monitoring.

  • Reporting Fulfilled

    Meaningful reporting to internal and external constituents is a core component of a robust governance program structure. Asureti’s approach to reporting on Managed Assurance program components ensures all necessary—but only appropriate information is provided to designated parties or individual per established reporting structures.

  • Program Defended

    Asureti is your trusted partner to understand your business, efficiently and thoughtfully integrate requirements into core business operations, and work next to you in responding to reporting requirements including clients, regulators, other authoritative bodies, management and business partners and Boards. This process not only provides meaningful third party validation and support, it can avoid costly requirements through effective communication regarding the control frameworks sufficiently.

Our intentional, forward-looking design and business-focused approach enables key business objectives, ensures alignment with maturing client and market requirements, incorporates components of the extended enterprise and partnerships, and enhances risk management and governance across the global organization. The interconnected structure and approach operates in a cohesive manner to address risks and business requirements from a variety of sources:

  • Threat intelligence and response in the information security space
  • Legal & Regulatory Compliance Requirements (i.e. SEC, HIPAA, FCPA, GLBA, DFARS, Privacy & Data Protection, etc.)
  • Business-Driven Compliance Requirements (i.e. FISMA, FedRamp, ISO, SOC attestations, etc.)
  • Client & Contractual Requirements (RFPs, Data Protection Agreements, contractual obligations, data recovery provisions, security provisions, client audits)
  • Other key governance areas such as Data Security, Business Continuity Management, Service Accuracy/Quality, Company Culture, Vendor Management, Internal Policies, Strategic Objectives

Key focus areas of the Managed Assurance services leverages activities to support strategic, compliance, operational and financial objectives, including:

  • Real-world effective advising on the technologies and processes for security across the organization
  • Establishing tactical and strategic approaches to ensure the continuing security of the organization’s assets
  • Clarifying focus on key business risks impacting the organization
  • Supporting management in assessing, understanding and managing key risks
  • Increasing governance effectiveness through sharing of knowledge and data
  • Increasing efficiency through the integration of similar processes
  • Minimizing review fatigue through centralization and rationalization of requirements across programs
  • Timely, focused communication with Management and Board/Committees

“While serving as the head of Global Security, Risk, Compliance and Privacy at a $500M global legal services company, Neil Watkins demonstrated his expertise in data privacy and protection and implemented several new initiatives, allowing the company to be positioned in a highly competitive market as a clear global leader in data security. He continually sought ways to bolster the company’s own data management protocols, while also offering up insights to clients on how to mitigate data risk from internal and external threats. Melissa Ryan is also a talented thought leader and problem solver in the enterprise risk management, data protection and compliance space, who like, Neil, stays on top of changing trends and technology to best advise clients and set them up for success.”

Catherine Ostheimer, Former VP Marketing and Communications, Epiq Systems