Compliance & Assessment

Compliance & Assessment

The lens through which we monitor and report: whether for regulatory obligations, demonstrating security measures to customers, or maturing internal operations, our assessment and readiness services will address your reporting needs.

Compliance & Assessment

Asureti brings hands-on experience for end-to-end compliance program design, implementation, and operation. Each phase presents challenges from a process, technology, and personnel perspective. We’ve been in your shoes and know how to do this!

Asureti is ready to be your partner and advocate with our proven compliance and assessment services. Our program build, internal controls, and certification readiness focus provides invaluable advocacy for our clients during attestation and certification with external auditors.

Specific areas of expertise include:

Experience brings the knowledge to streamline controls and regulatory mappings – our methodology allows an entity to ‘assess once’ and leverage the mapping and outputs across multiple reporting obligations. 

Findings Management

Assessments, client reviews, and control testing will identify gaps between expected operational or technical components and what is actually in place. Utilizing a consistent approach, including standardized ranking and rating structures, allows management to make informed decisions about risk management and align resources for the most important organizational needs.

A comprehensive findings management program:

  • Establishes standard processes and centralized repositories of issues.
  • Promotes transparency and accountability of program activities.
  • Enables proactive monitoring and follow-up.
  • Promotes reporting flexibility: aggregate or by entity or operational unit.

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