Data Privacy Services

Data Privacy Services

It’s personal, and global: protect personal data, respond to consumer requests, and integrate requirements into an operationalized program for your business - locally or around the world.

Identify & understand your privacy risk to stay in compliance with new regulations

Regulations impact organizations. They affect risk and security structures, data management, and interactions with customers, partners, and suppliers.

Global privacy and data protection laws create a strict and often complex structure of requirements. These requirements may impact the customer-facing entity as well as its service providers and partners. Therefore, privacy regulations still apply even in a business that doesn’t serve end consumers.

Asureti can assist your organization in navigating these complexities.

Privacy Program

An established privacy program demonstrates an organization’s commitment to protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – whether in internal associate data or customer information. Privacy programs require policies and standards, training, active operations, and a system for monitoring core activities.

  • Policies
  • User Training
  • Subject Response Workflows
  • Monitoring
  • Third Party Impacts
  • Cross-border Transfers

Our proven four-phased approach provides a comprehensive and defensible structure for developing privacy programs and supporting operations.

Data Mapping & Data Inventory

Asureti’s approach for data mapping and data inventory leverages inquiry with subject matter experts. These professionals are familiar with operational and technology components of key business processes and internal document review. This allows them to identify specific personal data inventory elements include those that are externally shared.

Significant industry experience and understanding of global business operations and technologies supports this method as an efficient approach for initial baseline assessment. This provides for timely next steps of program implementation and gap remediation activities.

Clear definition of data mapping and inventory provides the foundation for program components including current state assessment and program design and build structure.

Current State Assessment

A current state assessment completes compliance program requirements and provides a roadmap for future activities. This assessment would consider baseline obligations and impacts of external entities.

  • Review operations and technology components for in-scope business units against baseline requirements to ascertain current compliance status.
  • Review product design processes to confirm alignment with privacy-by-design and security-by-design considerations.
  • Document identified gaps and recommended actions to align with baseline requirements.

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