Managed Assurance

Compliance and risk services built on a proven operational baseline, customized to meet your needs.


With components customized to meet your organization’s maturity needs, Asureti’s Managed Assurance services include operational processes, GRC platform, and content accelerators needed to build or enhance your program operations.

Managed Assurance benefits include:

  • Fixed recurring monthly fee, providing predictable operational expenses.
  • Aligned operations with desired maturity, risk appetite, and business objectives.
  • Ready access to subject-matter expertise for risk, compliance, privacy, and security needs – without requiring additional FTEs.
  • Independent perspective for operational, audit, regulatory, and investor reporting requirements.
  • A partner and advocate in responding to client or regulatory inquiries and requests.

Asureti’s Managed Assurance model incorporates content across a variety of frameworks and regulatory obligations. This centralizes tracking and assessments, provides clear reporting, and enables effective responses to issues.

Methodology & Approach

Clients leverage Asureti’s Managed Assurance services to accelerate program build and implementation requirements. Our fixed monthly fee model can provide a comprehensive staff structure or integrate with your internal team.

Asureti partners with Onspring to provide a fully operational GRC platform as part of our Managed Assurance services. Inclusion of a GRC technology:

  • Establishes standard processes and master data repositories for controls, risks, systems, and issues.
  • Promotes transparency and accountability of program activities.
  • Provides consistent workflows for evidence requests and control audits/testing.
  • Automates reminders and notifications.
  • Promotes reporting flexibility: reporting in aggregate or by entity or operational unit.
  • Enables capture of assessment surveys and input from internal and external users.

HIPAA Obligations: Managed Assurance Use Case

A healthcare software provider engaged Asureti to build and implement an operational compliance effort focused on a baseline of HIPAA Security and Privacy Rule requirements. Partnering with the internal client team, Asureti established operations, workflows, and baselines for risk assessments, control definition and monitoring, and issues management across multiple software products and internal operational units.

Services leveraged included proven compliance management workflows and content accelerators for controls and testing plans.

These services enhanced current compliance operations, provided an annual operational plan, promoted cross-training with internal team members, and enabled long-term internal operations. This model promoted an efficient advance over the time-intensive build curve and implemented an operational and defensible program in less time.

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