In today’s complex world it is often difficult to identify, let alone address all appropriate risks. Further, regulators, lawmakers, and businesses create increasing and often unrealistic demands to protect information that is crucial to profitable operations. In today’s business environment, protecting company and client information assets is simply an expected core requirement and considered to be a foundational component of business operations. These expectations present increasing challenges to already time-consuming requirements for establishing and maintaining appropriate security, compliance and risk programs.

  • Security Program

    Incident Management and Response

    Whether it’s in preparation, or if the disaster has already struck, Asureti can provide experienced leadership in the area of incident management and response. Working with your organization’s legal, technical and business teams, the Asureti group can assist with the design of your incident response planning, training and testing. If the unthinkable happens, Asureti can facilitate the incident management process to coordinate the response among both internal staff and third parties to resume normal operations in accordance with the organization’s expectations and requirements.

    Threat Assessment

    Leverage the Asureti team’s knowledge of the cyber threat landscape to ensure your organizational is aware of the dangers lurking in today’s landscape. Combining our leveraged intelligence with an understanding of your organization’s structures and assets, Asureti will develop a unique assessment of your organization’s risk and capability of mitigating the danger.

    Security Program Assessment

    Ensure that your organization’s security program provides the expected level of protection for your information assets. The Asureti team can provide a comprehensive assessment of your security program, ensuring that your actual levels of security match your expected levels of security. Utilizing a comprehensive approach leveraging a variety of frameworks, Asureti will evaluate your security program and provide a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s security posture.

  • Security Requirement Baseline


    Ensure your security program aligns with the regulatory environments. The Asureti team will vet the security protocols of your organization with the requirements set forth in International, Federal and State laws, avoiding costly regulatory fines and potential criminal violations.


    Ensure that your organizational security program fulfills your contractual obligations. Whether it be to the PCI council or based on your specific customer contractual requirements, the Asureti team can review your program and provide insightful guidance on your organization’s alignment with contractual expectations.


  • Architectural Consultancy

    Working with your technology and security team, the Asureti group can provide guidance on security architectural decisions to your organization. Whether it be creating new security layers, shifting to a different platform or changing designs, the Asureti team can provide cost-effective solutions to security questions.

Reasonable security, compliance, and risk management is no longer someone else’s challenge as it has become a standard expectation for any business who provides data related services.

  • Policy Design and Management

    Drawing from years of experience, the Asureti team can assist your organization’s policy development and maintenance process. Whether it be an enterprise security policy or a HIPAA privacy policy, Asureti’s experience crosses multiple regulatory frameworks providing a multi-threaded view of policy development. We will ensure your policies align with your obligations and organizational goals. As part of the Managed Assurance service, Asureti will ensure your policies are reviewed and updated as your needs or customer demands change.

  • Training Program Development and Management

    Working with the latest in training technologies and methodologies, Asureti will create a custom training program for your organization. Whether centered around your regulatory or contractual obligations or to meet identified weaknesses, the Asureti team will ensure meaningful content, monitoring and metrics are part of the organization’s educational efforts.

  • Data Mapping and Classification

    Information is one of an organization’s most critical assets. Asureti’s integrated approach focuses on identifying and protecting critical data wherever it is created, stored, processed and shared. As information assets are identified and captured, classification aids in identifying specific obligations related to data components.

  • Internal Controls

    Implementation of a robust, intentional and measured internal control framework operationalizes the organization’s policy expectations and regulatory/contractual obligations. Our approach to aligning control requirements across obligations and frameworks allows for both leverage and efficiencies within the control model, reducing costs for assessment and monitoring and increasing understanding of control requirements.

  • Assessments

    Effectiveness of data protection structures and internal controls can only be validated through regular monitoring, testing and assessments. Assessments can be structured to provide coverage in an efficient manner, addressing not only the regulatory and contractual expectations, but aligning assessment efforts to best support organizational business cycles and reporting needs.