Responding to client inquiries at all stages of project life cycle—from RFP to annual audits—can be time-consuming and overwhelming from a resource and information requirements perspective. Asureti’s Managed Assurance service provides a proven process for managing response content, coordinating request queues and facilitating timely responses to client inquiries. Our team can also work directly with your sales team and prospective clients to ensure that not only do you meet foundational requirements to bid on a deal, but that when security and compliance is a deciding factor you win based on differentiation of these important service components.

  • RFP / Sales Cycle Management

    Alignment of security and compliance elements within the sales cycle and ongoing client account management can be a differentiator in today’s security-focused market. Managed Assurance services allow clients to leverage Asureti’s proven experience managing questions, surveys and audits for global and domestic clients across all industries. Services can include conversations with clients, responses to information requests and facilitation and coordination of client site visits.


    Transparent and effective management of queue and workflow of client requests and audit requirements ensures timely response and enhances internal operations and client interactions.

    Response Content

    Sales and audit responses to client inquiries must be accurate, complete and on point. Our approach to gathering, managing and refreshing response content ensures these attributes are consistently applied in the information provided to clients.

    Response Evidence

    In addition to inquiry response, today’s compliance obligations require management of current supporting evidence. Asureti’s approach leverages Managed Assurance efforts to streamline sales and client response requirements with control and data protection evidence. This drastically reduces internal costs associated with the continued collection and renewal of this critical process.

  • Contract Management / Requirements Analysis

    Solving a puzzle requires having all the necessary pieces. A consistent contract management intake and review process, including security and compliance reviews and advisory consultations, can help ensure obligations are understood and managed in line with organizational expectations.

  • Client Audits

    We leverage experience from more than 1000+ client audits to address inquiries and audit requests effectively while protecting confidential organizational information. Audits are a key area that can demonstrate competitive advantage as well as the offset of often unnecessary demands through collaborative communication during the audit. This experience extends into coordinating with external parties on risk rankings, remediation planning, and audit responses.

  • Findings Management

    Assessments, client reviews and control testing will identify gaps between expected operational or technical components and what is actually in place. Utilizing a consistent Findings Management approach, including standardized ranking and rating structures, allows management to make informed decisions about risk management and aligning resources for the most important organizational needs.

Asureti is your trusted partner to efficiently and thoughtfully integrate client and other external reporting requirements into core business operations, and work next to you in responding to reporting requirements including clients, regulators, other authoritative bodies, management and business partners, and Boards.