Data movement and data sharing have become core to business operations and the obligations that stem from our increasingly interconnected business world compound the challenges of both securing and evidencing compliance for protecting these critical information assets. The structures and interactions of systems, people and processes present complex, extensive and ever-changing challenges to maintaining these expectations successfully.

  • Business Partner Map & Data Flows

    Identifying, assessing and categorizing your business partners allows for appropriate extension of necessary security protections, risk management, oversight, timely decisions and effective monitoring efforts. Inclusion of business partner data flows and service mappings is critical for ensuring appropriate data protection obligations are in place end-to-end for all critical information assets within the service cycle.

  • Vendor Management Program

    Implementing an end-to-end vendor management program includes touchpoints from procurement through annual review cycles performed by vendor relationship owners. The Managed Assurance services can help design or review your program to ensure necessary security and compliance considerations are established throughout the vendor lifecycle.

  • Ongoing Vendor Assessments

    Asureti’s Managed Assurance services recognizes the importance of monitoring all aspects of an organization’s data protection programs—including the services and functions performed by vendors. These efforts provide insight into vendor compliance with contractual obligations and security expectations defined by the organization.

The expectations for vendor management and protecting data wherever it lives and moves increase daily. Both regulatory and commercial expectations require comprehensive monitoring and reporting amongst an entity and its customers and suppliers.

  • Reporting

    Reporting to internal and external constituents is a core component of a robust governance program structure. Asureti’s approach to reporting on Managed Assurance program components ensures all necessary—but only appropriate—information is provided to designated parties or individuals per established reporting structures.

  • Findings Management

    Assessments, client reviews and control testing will identify gaps between expected operational or technical components and what is actually in place. Utilizing a consistent Findings Management approach, including standardized ranking and rating structures, allows management to make informed decisions about risk management and aligning resources for the most important organizational needs.